Hair Treatment Set

Hair Treatment Set

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This set includes one of our favorite moisturizing shampoo & conditioners with an extra charcoal mask. These high quality products will help tame unruly hair and give moisture back to your roots for no more dry scalp. These products are great for all hair types. 

HEMP Shampoo cleanses your hair and provides a great lather to ensure even distribution. This shampoo has a number of benefits that are designed to provide your hair and scalp with the highest quality performance. Great for all hair types. This is a unisex product.

HEMP Conditioner is designed to nourish the hair, detangle, strengthen and condition your hair without weighing it down. Great for all hair types. This is a unisex product.

CARBON (INTENSE) Activated Charcoal Deep Conditioning Masque is formulated to help remove impurities, deep condition and tame thicker hair types. This masque is great for thick, coarse, unruly, frizzy and over processed hair. This has a higher concentration of activated charcoal. This is a unisex product. 8.5oz