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About TheSalonGuy Haircare

Passion, dedication, commitment and love are just a few of the things that inspire me to keep moving forward to achieve my goals. One of my goals has been to create my own line of haircare products. It started a few years ago when I contacted a local manufacturer and needed funds that weren't available to move forward. After deciding to put the products on hold, and almost give up, I was blessed enough to connect with a manufacturing company that I was able to work with and invest my own money into which made this all happen.

TheSalonGuy brand is about being sophisticated, classy and feeling confident. I created these products with a niche that I felt men and women could benefit from. Quality products that fill a specific need which focuses on healthy, thicker hair. These products are designed to add volume when needed, add a natural shine and maintain the integrity of your hair.

These products are great for men and women and are specifically formulated for a variety of looks and hold. 

Your support is greatly appreciated and thank you so much for your business. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

As I do stand behind these products, their ingredients and formulations, TheSalonGuy, Stephen Gabriel Designs LLC, TheSalonGuy Sophisticated Haircare or myself Stephen Marinaro, cannot be held responsible nor are responsible for any reactions, injuries, hair loss or any side effects directly related to using these products. They have all been tested, approved and are backed by my promise to producing quality haircare.