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I am not much for reviewing, except when I buy an exceptional product. This one does everything it promises and more. Very easy to use and leaved my hair magnificent!! 25 Spray


This stuff is incredible. I’ve used it on all three of my labs numerous times and i’m always impressed with how shiny and beautiful their coats look after, plus the smell is delightful. Never going to use anything else. WOOF


I’ve tried various different clays for my hair, but this styling clay has to be one of the best. CLUTCH

Steven Sa

Great product hands down. I have really thick hair and have frizz when I use a hair dryer and this helps big time. 25 Spray


Used this with 25 and gave me a great hairstyle that lasted all day. Not to mention my hair was not heavy and still workable. Gave a nice hold with a nice slick look not overly shiny. SLICK

Timothy John

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