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I firstly want to thank you for your purchase. It's because of you that keep me working so very hard and being so committed to my brand. 

If you need assistance on using any of the products from the line, please feel free to contact me at Also, please visit my YouTube channel for detailed instructions and styling tips on my products. 

I guarantee that these products are good and will work, therefore I can't offer any refunds at this time. I can promise you that I stand behind them and what they do. 

As I do stand behind these products, their ingredients and formulations, TheSalonGuy, Stephen Gabriel Designs LLC, TheSalonGuy Sophisticated Haircare or myself Stephen Marinaro, cannot be held responsible nor are responsible for any reactions, injuries, hair loss or any side effects directly related to using these products. They have all been tested, approved and are backed by my promise to producing quality haircare.